The Efficiency of different mobile security approaches



Mobile security remains a critical concern in the digital era nowadays, with tablets and smartphones turned into inseparable parts of the professional and personal lives of people (Wan et al.2019). However, different strategies and approaches, such as PINs or passwords, device locks, biometric authentication, mobile device management, encryption, network security, mobile app security, security updates, anti-malware and antivirus, user awareness, training and education, reliable execution platform, secure boot and two-factor authentication have been employed for ensuring a high level of security of the mobile devices as well as the information they contain (Mekruksavanich and Jitpattanakul, 2021). This report is going to present an overview of the commonly used mobile security approaches and their efficiency.

The commonly used mobile security measures and their efficiency:

PINs/passwords and device locks:

This mobile security approach is highly efficient and requires users to use passwords, PINs or lacks on their mobile devices as a basic security measure and is responsible for providing a robust initial line of defence against cyber criminals if the device is stolen or lost (Barra et al.2019).

Biometric authentication:

The efficiency of biometric authentication measure is high and include methods like facial recognition, iris scanning or fingerprint recognition, all of which provide secure and convenient approaches to unlocking mobile devices (Mendel, 2019). Additionally, these mechanisms are quite challenging to fake, ensuring a high level of cybersecurity (Mekruksavanich and Jitpattanakul, 2021).


The efficiency of the encryption mechanism is high and encrypting the information preserved on the mobile devices guarantees that even in case the device gets compromised, the information stored in it stays protected (Chen and Li, 2017). Advanced mobile operating systems end up extensively employing this mechanism (Liébana-Cabanillas et al. 2018).

Mobile device management:

The efficiency of this security measure is high and the MDM solutions are capable of enabling organizations to manage and safeguard the mobile devices in their network, including enforcing strong security policies, tracking the stolen devices and remote wiping technologies (Balapour et al.2020).

Mobile application security:

The efficiency of this approach is medium to high and is capable of providing critical security for mobile applications, including code reviews, penetration testing and regular updates to help in identifying and fixing the vulnerabilities (Barra et al.2019). Furthermore, app store policies bolster cybersecurity by screening the apps for fraudulent behaviours (Wan et al.2019).

Network security:

The efficiency of network security in securing mobile devices is medium to high and is capable of safeguarding mobile devices from network issues including implementation of virtual private networks, safe Wi-Fi connections and firewalls (Chin et al.2016). All these measures enable the prevention of man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping (Cinar and Kara, 2023).

Mobile anti-malware and antivirus:

The efficiency of this mobile security measure is moderate and is used less commonly as compared to PC malware software (Mendel, 2019). However, anti-malware and mobile anti-virus software are capable of providing an added layer of defence against malicious files and apps.

Security updates:

The efficiency of this mobile security measure is high and is responsible for keeping all the mobile apps and operating systems updated with the latest security releases (Barra et al.2019). The developers and manufacturers end up releasing security patches and updates regularly aiming at addressing the vulnerabilities (Liébana-Cabanillas et al. 2018).

User training and education:

The efficiency of this mobile security measure is moderate and involves generating user awareness of the mobile security best practices, link not opening suspicious websites and downloading unknown apps from random sources and hence forbid numerous cyber incidents from happening (Wan et al.2019).

Privacy setting and app permissions:

The efficiency of this mobile security measure is high. Management and reviewing of privacy settings and app permissions are capable of preventing unauthorised access to confidential information (Cinar and Kara, 2023). Therefore, users must be cautious about providing excessive permission to random apps (Mekruksavanich and Jitpattanakul, 2021).

Two-factor authentication:

The efficiency of this security measure is high (Lind et al.2018). However, enabling this security measure for services and accounts accessed on mobile apps includes an additional layer of cyber security, even in case the device gets compromised (Chin et al.2016).

Secure and reliable boot execution platform:

The efficiency of these mobile security measures is high and these hardware-supported security approaches ensure that the mobile device securely boots with executing codes in a reliable environment, making it challenging for hackers to compromise the integrity of the devices (Cinar and Kara, 2023).


In conclusion, it is essential to keep in mind that mobile security remains an emerging domain and advanced vulnerabilities and threats continue evolving over time (Liébana-Cabanillas et al. 2018). Hence, a combination of advanced security measures, tailored to particular threat models and use cases, remains the best approach to bolster security of the mobile devices (Lind et al.2018). Furthermore, regular risk assessment security audits help in staying ahead of the evolving threats.

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