Quote Vs Paraphrase Vs Summary : Which Is Better?

Quote Vs Paraphrase Vs Summary: Which Is Better?

Writing a research paper, thesis, dissertation or even essays include ideas, phrases, texts, facts from different sources which totally depend on the final product. For stances, If your research tasks are devoted to the case study, a large quantity of search determined by reporting what have other said and explaining why is the research important. There at times when you might think quoting sources directly would be appropriate for your research paper but for other summarizing or paraphrasing served as an appealing source. So that means there are several ways students can use to express their own views to increasing the provided claim. Students can use approaches to incorporate the author’s work out of which quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing is an indispensable tool to clarify the roles of writing. 

To complete the given project, you may use direct quotes from the sources or can paraphrase and summarize the sources, but what will be the best to use? The core purpose of this blog is to elaborating the techniques which you can use to define the sources also illustrating when it should be added.

Quote, Paraphrase And Summary-


  • A quotation is defined as exact copying another author’s or speaker words
  • Quotes always come under quotation marks. For example- “ If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things” By larry Page
  • A quotation is used to direct important information, opinion or policy (Plotnick,2020)
  • The quotation used in that place when the author is trying explaining anything important
  • When an author tries to compare and contrast the specific point of view
  • To add power in one’s claim


  • Many online assignment writer suggested summary is generally shorter in length than the long text of the project offering an overview of the topic
  • It started with clear identification of the author’s work title and points or sub-points in the present tense
  • Periodically it reminds the readers what has been written inside the paper
  • A paraphrase can be used to begin a summary
  • It is ¼ length of the total paper. For example, Harry Potter is a series the follows the life events of Harry Potter as he grew and became great magician after winning the battle between him and woldemoth.
  • It should have any additional information other than content (Krause, 2016). 


  • It simply involves a combination of texts into one’s own words
  • Words and phrases can be changed but the overall meaning will be the same as the original text
  • It involves intext citation prescribed by the university
  • It clarifies a short passage from a text
  • It aims to provide the most information in condensed forms. For instance, An elevated fever and running nose are the most common symptoms of flu.

Quotes Vs Paraphrasing-

When to quote or paraphrase is pretty much seems difficult if you don’t know the difference and their significance in academic writing. It is said by prominent essay typer, adding a direct quote is a way representing information somewhere prevents you from building your own analysis. You can add quotes when information seems you more convincing. On the other side, paraphrasing is used when you are taking information from the other sources and incorporated it into your own words (Kettel & DeFauw 2018). It is much shorter than the original passage becomes it is condensed form.

Summarizing Vs Paraphrasing

Both paraphrasing and summarizing are quite different from each other that may ask students to augment the claim of an author into their own words. As said by essay writing help paraphrase is used for short passages whilst summary are being incorporated to capture the bigger idea behind the event. Both have them cited as per citation be it MLA, APA, Chicago or Vancouver.  When we write a summary, the examples could be omitted but while doing paraphrasing illustrating examples is completely optional.

A suggested example of summary given by online essay deutsch is written below- “Sack noted and mentioned in his book An Anthropologist on Mar, although there is little disagreement regarding chief characteristics of autism, researchers have shown considerably different causes of it. He further pointed out, Asperger determined nit as an innate defect of a child’s ability to connect the external world. On the other side, Kanner considered it as a result of harmful childrearing practices.

What Are The Uses Of Summary, Paraphrase And Quotes?

Quotation, summary and paraphrase serve different purposes presenting a broad overview of source material follow as-

  • It brings out credibility for the academic writing and supporting claim
  • Help you to highlight phrases, sentence, or passage by quoting original
  • It can increase the depth of your writing
  • Brings out reader’s attention on a particular claim on you are agreeing and disagreeing
  • When you quote, it can prevent you from building your own analysis. In case you have any doubt, how to address quotes or phrases in your essay assignments, SourceEssay based assignment writer is always ready to help in producing remarkable essay writing in minimum time. 


Whether it is about quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing, every element is used to highlight the claim that the author has made. Both of them shared distinct features and based on the citation. It has been determined in the article, a quotation is more likely representing information somewhere prevents author building analysis. In case of paraphrasing to simply involve a combination of texts into one’s own words but it necessitates the same meaning of the overall texts. On the other side, the summary provides brief information on the paper and doesn’t contain any additional information. Overall either it is summary, paraphrase or quotation, the core motive is to increase the credibility of the paper.


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