Major mistakes to avoid while writing a thesis

mistake we do in writing a thesis

The initial days of thesis writing can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are looking for a topic and relevant research material. Once you cross these hurdles, you feel relieved to have started on the right path. However, the path ahead is also full of challenges as you have to put down your thoughts and arguments precisely.
There are a few major mistakes that are worth keeping in mind during the entire process as they can severely affect the quality of the final product. Academic editors at Source essay point out some common mistakes that you need to avoid while writing a thesis:

Not researching enough
A substantial amount of research in the field of your chosen topic is necessary for writing a master’s thesis. When you do enough research, you will be exposed to a wider range of ideas. This will help you to come up with your original ideas and formulate solid arguments based on that. You should support your arguments with adequate references to make your thesis more interesting and informative for the readers. However, insufficient research work can undermine all the hard work you put in.
Another mistake is to conduct research but not in a comprehensive manner. You need to read extensively in your field. Limiting your research will leave you with not enough resources, which hamper the credibility of your work.

Not choosing the right topic
Selecting a good topic is the key to writing a good thesis. If you choose a very complex topic or an uninteresting one, you might have difficulty maintaining your own and others’ attention to it. After working for several months, this is the last thing that you expect to happen, especially when you’re approaching the deadline. Don’t choose a topic that “sounds” academic thinking that it will impress your mentors. In fact, you’ll tire yourself and probably not be able to complete the paper. Also, check whether your topic or argument is outdated or has no relevance to the current situation of your subject. Never choose a topic that has already been attempted hundreds of times as it leaves very little scope to add a fresh perspective.

Avoiding things until the last minute
The average thesis is between 50 and 60, 0000 words (although, it could be longer depending on the topic). Whatever the case may be, that’s lots of work to avoid until the last minute.
You have to make several drafts and submit them to your mentors and other readers so they can go through them. You also need time to work on their feedback. All this happens along with your regular classes and other commitments that you have to keep. When you are writing your thesis in a hurry, you are bound to make a lot of careless mistakes. Moreover, you will not have sufficient time to present your point of view clearly. Therefore, you need to plan your time to write and rewrite your drafts. It is better to keep a few days cushion if something unexpected keeps you away from writing.

Not being organized
Having an organized writing system in place is imperative for writing a thesis. You need to create an outline for your research methodology as well as for the entire writing process. This will help you in keeping track of your sources, notes, and citations. There is no point in conducting research and consulting various books if you fail to record and maintain pertinent information in an organized manner. These notes come handy when you actually start writing your first draft. You will be able to portray a clear structure and development of ideas unless a lack of organization makes your work completely inaccessible.

Giving excessive information
This is a common blunder that you might commit when it comes to explaining your central idea. It is necessary to provide essential details in order to propose a credible document but, make sure you do not digress and lose focus. Stuffing irrelevant ideas and information can distract readers from your central idea.

Not getting feedback from readers and advisors
The success of a thesis is not entirely in your hands. You’ll need readers, mentors, and groups to assess your growth, confront you, help you, and eventually assign grades to your work.
You look for appreciation with tasks like research and writing that define your academic progress. If readers find mistakes in your work, they should point them out to you as failing to do so is a big disfavor for you. You should be open to feedback and improve your work based on the discrepancies or mistakes pointed out by them. Therefore, make sure you choose the right people for reading your drafts and provide you with positive feedback that you can actually use.

Submitting plagiarized work
Whether it is intentional or accidental, plagiarism can seriously jeopardize your reputation and academic work. If you are not following an organized writing process or not abiding by specified citation guidelines, you work will have plagiarism issues. You can run your work through a plagiarism checker or consult academic experts at Source essay for writing 100% original and authentic content. Make sure your thesis is above board before submitting.

Ignoring editing and proofreading
No matter how great a writer you are, you should never ignore checking the final draft for spelling and grammar mistakes. Proofreading and editing can reveal spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typing errors. You can do it on your own or ask professional proofreaders at Source essay to check your work for consistency and logical flow of your ideas. Make sure your work is well-structured and well-referenced with correct academic language and grammar. Be careful about the formatting and citation style to use, which may vary from subject to subject.

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