Important Elements of Movie Review 


A movie review is written with the basic goal of informing the readers about the movie and its concept. Although it seems easy to report all the events happening in the movie and state your opinion, this is a frequent blunder that a lot of students make. While you can express your opinions in a movie review about a film or a documentary, you should do so with a creative and unbiased approach.
To a great extent, it depends on the review whether the reader would want to go and see the movie. Whenever a teacher assigns a specific film to review, you should take advantage of this perfect opportunity to showcase your art of film making to your teacher. It would be helpful if you imagine that the teacher hasn’t seen the movie before (even though he/she is the one who assigned it in the first place). This will make it easier for you to evaluate events that took place in the film.

Why is movie review writing important?
Film review should present an in-depth analysis so that it helps the readers to form an honest opinion and whether they would like it and want to see it. This type of assignment is common in schools as it gives teachers a deeper insight into students’ objective analysis skills and the capability to report an event in a way that is easier for others to understand.

Besides, the review allows the teachers to examine the way students investigate story and characters. After all, film review involves the study of events that took place in a docudrama or a regular movie. Reviews check your vocabulary and writing skills, ability to adapt to different genres and incidents they represent, and the capacity to summarize some significant work and describe it in an organized and interesting manner. Although review writing involves more responsibility than thought, students enjoy writing them.
Here is your guide to writing a good movie review that will make it fun for you too.|
The quality of your review will depend on the way you have organized the events and your thoughts in it. It is important to prepare a well-structured outline, whether you are writing an essay or a movie review. Outlines will let you emphasize on the topic and make your report flow in a logical manner.

It would be particularly helpful if you organize all the things before you start with your review writing. This will save a lot of time and instead of wondering what to incorporate; you’ll have a clear plan to follow. Here are the steps to organize your film review:

  • Introduction: Include the name of the movie/documentary, its release date, and background information.
  • Summary: Provide a brief overview of the story.
  • Analysis of the events: Analyze the plot and important events like action, climax.
  • Creative elements: Describe the characters, dialogues, camera work, costumes, use of colors, genre, tone, symbols, or anything that adds to or misses from the overall story.
  • Opinion: Support your opinion with facts and examples from the story
  • Conclusion: Announce whether the filmmaker succeeded in his/her goal, paraphrase your evidence. Also, explain how the film helped in developing a deeper understanding of the course topic.

Essential elements of a movie review
The name of the documentary/movie – There is no reason to skip mentioning the name of the film in the text just because it has already appeared in your headline. The name of the film always appears in the introduction paragraph.

Summary – The overall objective of the review is, to sum up the feature film for readers who haven’t seen it yet. For writing an effective review, always imagine that your teacher hasn’t watched it either so that you don’t omit important details assuming the teacher has already seen it so they would not be interested. As a critic, your work is to describe the events that took place and state whether the film director succeeded or failed. Your opinion about liking or disliking the film won’t matter unless you support it by specific facts and examples from the film itself.

Film Director – Perform a background search on the person who helmed the project. Are there any controversies involved or is he/she a known political figure? Does the film director have an influential background? Write a paragraph about the person who directed the movie and his/her previous works to establish the importance of the movie you are reviewing in his/her career.

Creative aspects – The movie makers work hard to incorporate creative aspects into their films. These elements are important to the plot line and movie on the whole. For instance, background music can either take the movie further or deceive its purpose. Color choice in the movie can be vibrant and lift the spirit of the movie or they can make it seem dull and depressing. Costumes can define the genre of the movie and add to the storyline and while the bad ones destroy everything. The camera angles and lighting also enrich the movie experience. There are several turning points in the story that make movie viewing a gripping experience.

Actors – The casting of the movie must be realistic. Did the actors do justice to their roles and vice versa? Do you believe some other actor would have been a better choice for the role?

Relevance to your course – It is an important element of review writing to tell the readers how the content of the film fits into your course. Is the movie distorting the historical facts? If you are reviewing the film picture for your history class, keep track of over-dramatization. If the film is based on a book you’ve studied in your English class, mention the similarities, dissimilarities, or other elements that were present in the movie but were not there in the book.

Writing a movie review
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