How to Write an Article Review Effectively in Australia


An article review requires an evaluation of an academic article, essay, report or book. The information provided in the text has to be evaluated depending on the standards for that discipline. Different disciplines such as literature, management, information technology, sociology use different evaluation criteria.

Cheap essay writing Australia article reviews have to be divided into two main categories – summary and assessment. The various sections included in both the categories are usually mentioned in the instructions provided. The summary category includes:

  • The issue or the question it intends to answer
  • The arguments given in support of the topic
  • The methods used to address the topic the question
  • The evidence in support of methods and answers
  • The conclusion

These sections should be text-based and not in too much detail.

The assessment category includes your opinion about the quality of the text evaluated on the basis of appropriate criteria. Here is the step wise process of writing an article review:

Step 1:

Scan the text to check whether it succeeds in addressing the main issue.

Step 2:

Discuss the assessment criteria with fellow students for understanding the topic.

Step 3:

Read the text once again in the light of important details such as the topic, issue, arguments, data, and conclusions.

Step 4:

Read similar cheap essay writing Australia articles to find out similarities or differences and clarify these.

Step 5:

Make an outline of the article review by matching summary points with assessment criteria.

Step 6:

Begin writing the review.

Structure of a cheap custom writing service article review

The typical format of the article review includes:

  1. Title – that usually resembles an entry in bibliography
  2. Introduction – that contains an overview of the topic, your assessment of the text, and description of how the review will be prepared
  3. Body – that contains Summary and Assessment
  1. Conclusion – In general, cheap custom writing service article reviews don’t always necessitate a conclusion so you can include conclusion depending on your requirement. If the assessment criteria mandate inserting conclusion, you should sum up your arguments based on your review of the text. Protection Status
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