Guide for writing a Position Paper

Position Paper

The main motive of a position paper is to induce assistance to an issue. It defines a position on a matter and the logic for that position. The position paper is built on pieces of evidence that provide a rock-solid base for your line of reasoning. Some people mix-up a position paper for being just like a regular report. However, a position paper involves the writer taking on one side of the subject under debate. While writing a position paper, you need to give your stance on the matter at hand. A position paper can be written in various cases such as in a discussion of international challenges affecting different nations and devising of strategies to control the issues.

In the position paper you should

  • Use proof to back your position, such as statistical proofs or dates and events.
  • Authenticate your stand with authoritative citations or primary source quotations.
  • Review the strong points and flaws of your position.
  • Appraise likely solutions and recommend courses of action.

How to write a position paper?
Select a topic where there is a clear split of outlook and which is debatable with facts and logical thinking. Choose an issue on which you have already made an opinion. However, in writing about this issue you must inspect your view of the issue analytically. Consider practicability, cost-effectiveness and political/social environment when assessing probable solutions and courses of action.

Guides for writing a position paper
Know the issue given:  Generally, the topic to be discussed is given in advance, and it is your duty as a member to comprehend the topic first before you take a position on the matter. If the topic is not crystal clear, you may give opinions that do not demonstrate your stand.  To get familiar with the topic, you can carry-out some investigation on the topic.

Make sure that your topic can effortlessly be debatable-:  In some cases, you may be asked to choose a topic to write on for your position paper. Topics like current trends and issues disturbing society today can be used for discussion. Select a topic that has opinions and can bring counterstatement to begin the argument. When you choose a common issue where most individuals would argue for only one side of your stand then that is not a worthy issue. A decent topic should have almost related points on both sides of the argument to bring a strong discussion.

Make a checklist of the advantages and disadvantages for both stands of the argument-: When you list the advantages and disadvantages of two contradictory sides of the argument you will be able to pick the ideal position that you can debate.

Choose your position and composes your arguments:  In a position paper you have to take a stand in the argument. Confirm that you have satisfactory opinions to strengthen your stance.

Know your audience position on the topic:  It is beneficial to identify where your audience is positioned in the argument so that you can strategies your arguments.

Few ideas for an outstanding position paper
Draft a formal appearance for your paper: In being official you only need to be realistic in your arguments so that the readers can easily be influenced with your points without much struggle.
Simplicity is the key: In a display of your statements, you should make certain that you are straight to the argument and evade uncertain details as it may make your work boring to read. Be very direct by using easy, straight-forward language. Keep away from using too much decorative vocabulary in your paper.
Structured presentation of your opinions: You should be able to know which argument comes first and ensure each idea is placed in its relevant section. This will also assist in your paper having a solemn look.
Put references for your points: Quoting your sources is essential as your arguments can be refereed therefore effective.
Review your paper after finishing: Proofread your labor as it will assist you to see some minute errors made and you can also modify the movement of arguments to be convincing to your audience.

The format of writing Position paper
Thesis:The chief and the key thing that you should major on in your paper is the thesis statement as it will push towards the path of your paper. The thesis statement brings the concern in the spotlight and familiarises the reader with your outlook on the argument.

After the thesis, you gradually progress towards the introduction. The introduction should basically establish the issue and express the author’s position. It should be written in a way that grabs the reader’s attention. The introduction will either entice the reader to your paper or let go of them if it does not look interesting. Therefore you should put substantial work in coming up with a decent introduction to appeal to the readers.

The body of the position paper can be broken down into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should signify an idea or main concept that explains the position statement and is held by proofs or facts. Evidence should lead, through logical reasoning, to the main concept or idea explained in the paragraph. The body may begin with some circumstantial evidence and should include an argument of both sides of the matter. You can give a few points concerning the counter argument then finish up with ample points and support for your desired position in the argument.

This will act well for the reader because they will see that you are not biased but in the end, you will have convinced them towards your direction.

At the start of the conclusion, restate your thesis just to remind the reader of what your intentions were in the paper then support your thesis with a summary of the points in the body paragraphs.
You should positively define your position in the last and concluding paragraph. You can also choose to dismiss the opposing opinions in short as to conclude your paper. Finish your paper with a request for applying your opinions. Let the reader decide the necessity for your position paper.

Position paper examples
For impeccable writing skills of a position paper, you need to be open to diverse position paper examples. There are various position papers written conveying several scenarios. It can range from either on state matters or of a definite corporate or industry. When you get exposed to these examples, you will be able to dictate the right structure and outline for your given paper. Protection Status
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