Engineers “strike gold” with innovation that recovers heavy metals from biosolids


The biosolid is a type of waste that is part of water treatment. It consists of valuable metals which are obtained by the people part of it. When sewage and such places are cleaned or treated it consists of numerous valuable metals which can slip into the environment or water if not treated properly. If treated adequately it can become valued richer mental which is required on the ground.

The team was from RMIT University working with the Manipal University India with the collaboration of South East Water. The major objective of the researchers was to identify the method to utilize the waste produced from recycling water, the acidic nature of the waste we received during the phase of recovery, has a huge amount of valuable metals which we should take up and never leave or throw in their environment.

The RMIT researcher Kalpit Shah who was the lead researcher in the study commented that copper and zinc such vital metals can be obtained by the biosolid which is part of sewage treatment. The approach developed by them can be revolutionary as it is easy to fetch metals from biosolids and is environment friendly.

Shah further elaborated that the team created something which will restore the full nourishment metals from slipping away in the environment rather will keep them on land to utilize properly. The left biosolid can be processed more to acquire biochar which is one of the most amazing fertilizers and it is a renewal source as well which can be employed in various places.

How is innovation bringing positive change?

Before innovation, the mental recovery phases go from extraction, purification, and recovery.

The team’s innovation can explore the recovery part because the achievement of creating something to recover mental was not achieved and that was the reason numerous mental gets wasted after the team’s work that can be utilized.

RMIT Ph.D. scholar, Ibrahim Hakeem asserted that the biosolid has innumerable metals closed off which makes purification and recovery difficult. 

He further proclaimed that the approach they developed will help in obtaining every mental from the biosolid without harming the nature and environment.

The team further wants to collaborate with other water authorities to work on the idea of obtaining mental health from the biosolid.

They also want to operate with those companies who are working to manage the mind tailings, wastewater lagoons, etc

The innovation is something that will utilize the biosolid obtaining each mental from it which will be environment friendly as well as inexpensive.

The method will advance further to go beyond the biosolid to more, even biochar will also be obtained which helps in numerous activities including the usage of it in the form of fertilizer. Mental like zinc and copper which is vital can also be utilized.

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