How can education reduce the inequality from farming to the stars?


Research to change

Research is any field where different transformative powers transfer native society and knowledge.  hand us with capability. if you want to improve Assignment Help Australia and  research capacity you have to focus on human stories and their struggle to achieve it will give you more power and motivation.

The inspiring story

The story of Saul Phiri,  he was born in Zambia where the village has nothing, even electricity.

He is a Physics lecturer right now at the University of Copperbelt. He is researching the Write that essay Australia formation of stars as well.

The youngest motivator

He is one of those among young researchers who got their PhD thanks to the project called Development in Africa with radio astronomy D A R A and it is a project which is led by the University of leeds

The aim of the project

The project was designed to enhance the capacity and research in the field of radio astronomy in more than 8 African countries and it is a part of Square Kilometer Array (SKA)

It is considered the world’s largest radio telescope undertaking.

ASK is installing different radio dishes all over South African countries and the major destination behind this is to study the whole African continent and stimulate all those astronomers to study the sky in a gigantic depth of detail.

The partaking countries

The countries who are taking part in this project are Madagascar, Ghana, Botswana, Mozambique, Mauritius, Kenya, Zambia etc.

The past development

If it discusses the past development in the field of radio astronomy in South Africa and the African continent. it was almost none. The discipline taught in colleges and Universities did not have any talk about it. Radio astronomy is their discipline and there was non-existence of this subject everywhere and that’s the justification there was no research taking place in the field of radio astronomy but now the situation is changing.

One thing was common if there was no research space and infrastructure, Do my assignment Australia. This country will not be able to have the potential benefit of ASK. There is a need for research technology and advancement of skill involved to explore the potential of radio astronomy in the African continent.

The emergence of DARA

The reason the project DARA came into existence and now solving concerns as a part of the African Radio Astronomy Research Network. It is a project which enhances the future of the whole African continent. This is going to support more and more students in the field of radio astronomy.

The brightest

Saul is a part of the eight youngest PhD holders and project leaders, when it comes to formal education his parents have no education. He was a brilliant student in primary school but when he entered secondary school, his family had no money to afford his fees although Saul’s determination to work and study remained high.

For society and betterment

To make the future of his society bright he started to work on a Farm or his Family’s Farm.  He commenced to work on a certain part of his family’s land for himself. He came to be selling cotton and he earned enough money to pay for his schooling. He merged a class of mature students who were finishing their education. He was reflective of earning enough money to go to school and become a top student.

Teacher suggestion

One of his teachers proposed Saul participate in a Copperbelt University application and his expectation modification that day.

When Saul entered the university again the money crisis withstood and he flinched to gather sand and sell for the building materials, his hard work paid off largely. When he got a full scholarship from the university for accommodation and fees graduated with top marks and became an extraordinary teacher. Protection Status
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