Does it applicable in Canada -No Child Left Behind Act: Is it working?


The No Child Left Behind Act popularly known as  NCLB is a U.S. federal law. It was made law in 2001. It was passed for the students of k-12 level from 2002-2015  to improve their results and decrease the gaps among students in schools regarding their performance. It instructed different responsibility measures for schools, and they put charges on for the improvement of every kid. It also formalized testing, school performance ratings, and consequences for schools that did not meet certain criteria. The most criticized part of the law was that it gives a penalty to those schools that are not able to improve the status of students or bridge the gap between students.

The No Child Left Behind Act was a phenomenal approach to delivering additional academic possibilities for learners, especially those who belong to disadvantaged groups. The emphasis is on those learners who are from economically weaker sections, students of colour, etc. The law was designed to remove the innate disparities and guarantee that all learners had credentials for marker schooling.

The Canadian nation positioned a powerful priority on teaching and delivers significant allocation for schooling from kindergarten through to the post-secondary level. The Canadian government’s investment in education is quite high compared to nations of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The government spends around 6% of its GDP on education.

The NCLB Act is part of the United States of America only. The Canadian government does not have such a law there. Nonetheless, it is a phenomenal law to have to remove disparity among students. Can also have its schooling procedures and ambitions to rectify issues of distinction among students of different backgrounds. The government can take essential measures of accomplishment and academic equivalency.

NCLB act confronted whine and disagreement among different scholars.  Some people highlighted that the intensity of testing is directed to a less emphasis on the curriculum and an overemphasis on test practice.

Which can hamper the other significant facets of education. Some Analysts also put forward troubles regarding the way it is a criterion of school performance.

In 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) displaced NCLB. ESSA strived to deal with some of the complaints and deficiencies of NCLB by consenting more flexibility to states in designing their responsibility strategies. It is still functioning in the United States of America although Canada can give it a try ESSA which is an updated version of NCLB.

Both NCLB and ESSA contemplate endeavors to enhance scholastic consequences and deliver impartial prospects for all learners. The racial, economic social kind of disparity was removed from the education system and it’s a great initiative to bring equality among students of diversbackgroundsnd. Canada having a multicultural background can imply this law to bring change.


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