Do you think that content marketing strategies are good for NIKE?


The striking  history of Nike and their global image

Nike is a globally acknowledged label and does not require any curtain-raiser in the sportswear and athletic footwear enterprise. Established in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, the corporation officially evolved into Nike, Inc. in 1971. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, Nike has inaugurated itself as a market forerunner through its clever creations, powerful label originality, and influential marketing methods. The first store opened by the brand was in 1966 and the rest is history. In 1972 they launched the history-changing project of their shoes. The major leader of the company was a coach and his former student.

Nike is widely acknowledged as a marketing pioneer due to its imaginative and practical commerce techniques.

More than just shoes

Nike’s major emphasis is on developing, formulating, devising, designing, and marketing athletic shoes ( footwear) clothing, gear(sports-related), and accessories. The corporation has made its brand provide an expansive spectrum of sports and exercises, including running, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, and more. Nike products are popular among people for their outstanding performance-based efficiency components, solace, and fashionable, trendsetter compositions.

Nike and its approach to the market

One of Nike’s significant competencies is its ability to integrate high technology with fashion-forward designs. the company is never dissatisfied with its customers and mostly the target audience is athletes and people who indulge in activities. the business constantly subsidizes, supports, and prepares to invest in research and development to develop inventive creations that satisfy the evolving requirements of sportsmen and customers. From progressive cushioning schemes and lightweight textile, materials to specialized footwear for distinct sports, Nike strives to produce top-quality upshot that help athletes perform at their best.

Their tag line is catchy just do it, every kid even has a consciousness that the logo belongs to the company. The corporation’s strategy to incorporate sportsmen and women into its advertisement campaign and its simple and compelling logo made the company a household name.

Nike’s strategy regarding content marketing, social media marketing, and beyond

Let’s begin to understand the strategy by understanding a few stats behind their success and how we are claiming that Nike is doing great when it comes to taking over the sports-based market. Taking a simple example from the North American market Nike decoded the market and their clothing industry is around twenty-seven point four percent just do not get surprised when I mention the basketball show-based industries’ data, they own more than ninety-six percent of the industry. Their sales always leave behind all the competitors.

The three-point fourteen billion dollars was induced by the only Air Jordans, Basketball shoes in the year 2019, it was a more than ten percent hike from the year 2018.

They have a great way to promote their brand according to SEMRush more than sixty million people visit their website, it’s not yearly but rather monthly data, more or less the visitors spend at least seven minutes, browsing more than five pages.

You must be thinking there are thousands of brands about how Nike is seen as something different, doing better than most labels, how they created a buzz about them, and how they sustain it. The simple answer is their marketing strategy.

Nike has also demonstrated itself as a trustworthy brand for athletes although they do not remain only to that target audience(sportsman, it becomes a better lifestyle brand, crossing the domain of sports. Its iconic “Swoosh” logo and the prominent catchphrase “Just Do It” has evolved into globally acknowledged insignias of motivation, resolution, and superiority. Nike’s marketing movements are quite different from most brands. They frequently take ideas and inspiration from the mesmerizing powerful storytelling which is taken from  the life of athletes and people who know how to go beyond the boundaries and defeat challenges to achieve something out of the ordinary.

Social media and the approach to content marketing made them global

Nike has already decoded that to be on the top you need to be on social media. If you watch their following you will know that they have cracked the code of social media marketing they have more than one hundred thirty-eight million followers on Instagram.  Right point three million on Twitter. These social media platforms are a great way to connect to customers.

Some strategies are followed by them on social media. Their profile is filled with collaboration from the stars of sports and cinema. They do just not post their highlighted stories with celebrities they also take the approach of including customers’ stories on their pages. They have a great way to convey their stories, they know the technique of compelling storytelling. They focus on their products and their quality rather than competition.

They are aware that millennials and Gen Z people of the 1980s to 2010 are those generations that are quite active on social media and it influences their consumption patterns according to Survey by Adobe in 2018

Nike is well aware of how to target their target audience with their compelling strategies.

Royalty programs and connect with the customer

They know the value of customers and that led them to inaugurate programs related to loyalty. Loyalty programs helped to keep customers buying from them only in 2017 more than a hundred million members brought more than those guest customers around three times. They keep giving better and better loyalty programs. These are used by the customers to provide benefits, and rewards to their customers and help in the engagement of people.

The CEO of Nike once said that digital marketing and platforms are essential to growth and they followed their thinking CNBC commented  Nike’s sales surpassed fifty percent of revenue from the online websites in September 2020.


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