Debate whether a ban on tobacco advertising would help decrease smoking?


The tobacco and the youth

There are many misconceptions related to tobacco and advertisements and how they influence the youth. The innumerable reports pointed out that advertisements can have a hostile impact on youth and they developed a favorable outlook on smoking.

The claim of the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry claims that advertisements do not have any impact on children or the youth about smoking, Although academic reviews and research papers say the opposite statement. Saying that these advertisements can influence young people to smoke. 

Harmful product cheerful outlook

The research also underlined how these advertisements which somehow create a positive attitude and Outlook towards tobacco and smoking will have negative consequences on students and youngsters about the smoking and smoking culture.

The opinion

The UK Tobacco Advertisement and Promotion Act also suggests that advertisements on the smoking ban can ameliorate smoking addiction as the advertisement demonstrates that it is quite ordinary in society and socially acceptable to smoke which directs more young smoking.

The Hidden Agenda

The tobacco and smoking-related industries have a secret agenda to target the youngest generation of society.

 These Industries document their ambition or target audience, As young adult smokers as they are the most active and inclined towards such a pop culture aspect and addiction.

The changing pattern

 Before the 1950s the industry targeted children as children will have addiction while they grow and become adults and perpetuate the addiction and this will always increase the sales of the company.

After 1950 is there approach modification to focus on young adults or teenagers to market their product the resources also indicated and highlighted how this marketing strategy by the tobacco companies utilise and how they attract young adults or teenagers.

How do they target?

 They usually organize music festivals, concerts, sponsorships, and partnerships with fashion outlets.  They are also targeting influencers and these kinds of fortes, usually, young adults who are more prone to go to music festivals and also like to enjoy pop culture culture-based.

Some of the companies in the tobacco industry accepted the fact that younger adults are the major niche or the targeted audience for their company. if these demographics stop smoking, a decline in brand value and sales.

The targeted audience

The market usually consists of people from the  16 to  18 age group and very few are likely to develop smoking tobacco or substance use kind of behavior after 24. Therefore it is easier for the 18 + people to target rather than someone who is above 24 or 25.

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