Genetic Engineering Pros and Cons

Genetic engineering is the process of methodically altering the nature and structure of an organism’s genes using methods like molecular cloning and cell transformation. This process can result in a considerable transformation of an organism’s characteristics due to the manipulation of genetic material (DNA), which determines how every cell functions. While Genetic engineering can...

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How to Write a Personal Statement?

It is a general impression among people that there is some kind of trick or formula to write a personal statement, but that’s not true. Writing a personal statement for any university requires you to cogitate on the program you wish to study. The university utilizes your personal statement to build a picture of...

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How to Write a Reflection Paper ?

A reflection paper is usually about your personal experience and what you gained from that experience. It describes your thoughts and feelings throughout and after that incident. Since you primarily examine your life experiences, hence the word ‘reflective’. The idea of writing a reflective paper is to recount a particular experience and explore how...

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Automated and Manual Essay Scoring

Scoring indicates the philosophy of assisting students to perform to their potential in their field of study. The scoring settings for the marking homework are intended to provide students the greatest motivation to answer questions by giving the highest credit for answering any part of the question right. The majority of assignments are automatically scored...

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Plagiarism and What are its Impacts ???

Plagiarism is an intentional or unintentional act of passing on other people’s ideas or work as your own.  It can occur whenever the source of original ideas or information is not acknowledged properly. Plagiarism is considered illegal in the academic circles as well as the in the professional world. In order to the art plagiarism, universities...

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How to Write an Article Review Effectively in Australia

An article review requires an evaluation of an academic article, essay, report or book. The information provided in the text has to be evaluated depending on the standards for that discipline. Different disciplines such as literature, management, information technology, sociology use different evaluation criteria. Cheap essay writing Australia article reviews have to be divided into...

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