Animation: Bring your creative ideas to life using traditional, stop-motion, or CGI animation techniques and gain


CGI and animation is the future of creating a world of fantasy,  it produces a world of entertainment and it is one of the most popular forms of  recreation as movies, tv series, cartoons are created with the help of it. It constructs  a world of fantasy and takes you in it.

People acquired degrees and learned this

an animation to improve their career outcome.

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Animation to stop motion or CGI animation. These techniques can enable you to succeed in a job market and will eventually bring the creative aspect of your life.

INTRODUCTION to world of animation:-

Stop motion Animation is a sophisticated art. You may remember that a lot of old shows used stop-motion animation, and some to this day still do. This form of animation requires a lot of effort, using physical objects to imitate life in them. It is quite similar to puppet or clay animation, though there’s a clear distinction. It has the nostalgia of the 1890s. The process was quite hard. First, you had to make the background and characters, and then you had to take pictures of every frame that the character moved, giving it a lifelike feeling.

History beyond pictures

History’s first recorded use of this method of animation was in 1898. The animation was called “The Humpty Dumpty Circus.” From then on, many people had an influence on stop-motion animation, such as Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and Nick Park, who made a few short films, but the most notable ones were Chicken Run and The Curse of the Were Rabbit. There’s no denying how stop-motion has that nostalgia in it.


Animation OR CGI Animation is currently the industry standard way to create animations. CGI, or computer-generated imagery, can be 2D or 3D, though it may feel like a fairly modern invention. CGI has been around since the 1960s. The first movies that cgi was used in were Star Wars (1977 Westworld (1973 and such, but in terms of animation, we can say that Toy Story 1 was the first example of a fully cgi movie. As of today, nearly every movie uses cgi in some fashion, such as Jurassic Park or Avatar, to name a few ANIMATION VS STOP MOTION IN THE FUTURE As said previously, this era of animation is heavily dominated by CGI, but as can be seen in the future, stop motion animation is just harder to do than CGI, not to mention that CGI can replicate stop motion animation too.

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