Sustainable production will continue to be a business imperative

Introduction: Sustainability in the modern industry plays the role of a strategic business imperative. Additionally, as mentioned in the Sustainability as a Transformative Catalyst report published by the IBM Institute, approximately 60% of global Chief Executive Officers agree that they experience potential demands from their shareholders and investors for a high level of transparency...

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What is VILPA and what guidance students gets from VILPA?

VILPA the changing ways Vigorous intermittent Lifestyle physical activities (VILPA)it’s a new phenomena which University of Sydney conducted research on, the term VILPA also given by them.  What is VILPA? It is a burst  of intense physical activity which will be for one or two minutes long activity in your daily life. This intense ...

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Inspiring teacher inspire students?

We all have one teacher that we constantly idolize, no matter what happened the influence of teachers always reflect  on us. Teachers are not just someone who is leading the way  to move forward from one grade to other rather than  teachers are someone who motivated you to accomplish the greatest in your life....

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Purchasing Ability of A Consumer

The Purchasing Ability of A Consumer And Its Impact On Prices

Consumer And Contemporary Business Environment A consumer is the crux of business and marketing strategy. A consumer is a key factor that defines the marketing plan of any organization for its products or services. Therefore, it is vital to research and analyze customers before launching any product or service in the market. In addition...

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