Guidance for students for overcoming self doubts?

Self-doubt: good vs bad? Self-doubt is something that is an extraordinarily constant feeling. when you are doing something or experiencing a new feeling of questioning yourself. No matter whether you are starting High School or your college for a degree or university, or finding a job or playing a sport and taking a test....

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What makes a good presentation?

Excellent presentations Great presentation grab and solicit audience participation, recommendations, and a question-and-answer session. Where you may answer people’s questions or bring others to understand their opinions, the presenter should showcase some type of engagement in the conversation. Storytelling ability When giving a presentation, keep in mind that storytelling is one of the most...

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What is Frankenstein Themes, explain?

The classic Frankenstein The Mary Shelley story Frankenstein is one of the greatest classics of our time. it is a novel where loneliness, domestic affection, isolation, ambition,  human limits,  nature as a sublime, destructive cycle of Revenge and the nature of prejudice and the loss of Innocence are examined in a manner that showcases...

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How many slides for a 10 minute presentation?

10 minutes of presentation The question about how many slides you require for 10 minutes of presentation may seem manageable to you but you ought to understand it’s not that straightforward. There are different aspects you have to apprehend. if you want to pay attention to details and focus on being efficient. This number...

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What are the tips for writing Good Assignments?

Assignment writing process If you want to write assignments that have clarity, research and incredible articulation of your ideas you have to keep certain things in your mind. Research is crucial  first of all, after getting your assignment from your professor or your teacher foremost try to collect as much as research.  if you...

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Spatial Order - text Format

Role of Spatial Order in Framing Exemplary Assignments

Spatial order is a type of text format, which is structured according to space and position. If you are struggling with choosing the spatial order for framing exemplary assignments or want to just explore the technical aspects of structuring an assignment, this blog is for you. What is the purpose of spatial order? The...

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