Digestive Problems

8 Common Digestive Problems and Its Causes

A digestive disorder or problem is also often known as gastrointestinal disorders in proper medical terms. This can be defined as a class of conditions which may include irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, perianal infection, and a range of other conditions. These conditions cause a significant level of distress to...

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Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity: The Relationship to Identify

The race is often a concept which is most associated with the field of sociology. It can be defined as a form of human categorization or grouping which is done on the basis of shared physical characteristics or social qualities. These racial categories are often viewed as being quite distinct by a large part...

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Computer Addiction

Effects of Computer Addiction on Students

Computers are the devices which entered the space of society during the late 1900s even though the history of computers was in full swing during the early 1900s. This machine allows individuals to perform a number of tasks quickly and with ease. In modern society, computers have become almost a non-negotiable part of every...

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Apathy among Young Adults

Top Common Cause of the Apathy among Young Adults

Apathy is a psychological condition which is described as being a condition in which an individual experiences a lack of feelings, interest, emotions, or any sort of concern for other people or activities. There are also many experts who define apathy as being a state of suppression of emotions or a state of in...

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Statue of Liberty Symbolization

The statue of liberty is also known as the Liberty Enlightening the World. It is a colossal neoclassical structure which is located in the New York Island near the New York Harbor in New York, United States of America. This sculpture was a gift to the people of the United States of America by...

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Challenged & banned Books

The Most Frequently Challenged and Banned Books in the US

The United States of America, also commonly known as the US, is a beautiful country which is known all across the globe for its many natural wonder, culture, freedom, and literature. This country actually comprises of 50 states, 5 self-governing territories, federal districts, and many other possessions. The capital of this country is Washington,...

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Risks and Benefits of Children Using the Internet

Risks and Benefits of Children Using the Internet

It is now widely believed that this is the age of technology. Science and technology have shown a lot of advancements in the past few decades and that has now lead to a situation where owning a computer is more of a necessity than an option. Individuals of every age group are expected to...

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Music Depict Emotions | Essay

How Music Depict Emotions

Music can be defined as a type of art form or cultural activity which has a medium of sound which is organized in time. There are  different elements of music that are pitch, tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, articulation, timbre, texture, and many other elements. On the other hand, emotion can be described as a...

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Advantages and disadvantages of e-banking

The development in the financial sector allows exploring various online services by the traditional banks. The banking sector is working to enhance customer service by providing them online banking services. It is also known as virtual banking that allows the customers to conduct online services by using the internet. The customers are able to...

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Banking & inflation

The relation between banking and inflation

Inflation is the situation in economy where the prices of every commodity increase at an increasing rate and decline in purchasing power of an individual. It creates a situation where supply of money increases in the economy due to which the prices are high. Bank is money regular in the economy who lends money...

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