The internet is a blessing or a curse


The Internet is a tool which interconnects the people across the globe through a network of computers and service providers. It’s like an invisible mesh that keeps people connected with each other. The internet has brought a lot of convenience to people’s lives, depending on how much they use it every day. Like any other this blessing, it too can turn into a curse if not utilized rightly.

Let’s look into the blessing part of the internet first:
Endless opportunities
The internet has proved to be a beneficial tool in several ways. It has allowed people to communicate with their loved ones and businesses to come closer to their target customers, no matter which part of the world they live in. This opens up opportunities to meet new people and explore new places even without actually being there. People are doing jobs and learning new skills that could be pursued without attending a traditional college.

Everything at your fingertips
Using the internet, a student can search desired sources of information without spending hours in the library. He/she can browse the internet through a search engine to get all the required material at the click of a button, irrespective of the location and time of the day. You can know about events that never got recorded in the textbooks, explore more study options both inside and outside of your country, and have more career opportunities that don’t tie you down to a workspace. You have internet-based phones and devices that give you access to unlimited information at your fingertips.

No boundaries
No matter which part of the world you live in, you can keep yourself updated with the latest news, developments, and events in your field of interest with the help of the internet. The internet has made the world an interesting place to live in. You can do shopping, buy tickets, book shows, hire services, record videos, and play games, etc. all thanks to the internet. This networking tool is easily available to everyone as it is inexpensive and most of the people can afford it.With infinite benefits that the internet offers, it’s hard to imagine that a boon like this could be considered as a bane but, like everything else, the internet has a bad side too. One of the reasons that it turns into a nuisance is that there is no restriction in the internet world. Without restriction, things can easily go out of control. Some people with malicious intentions start using the network to spy over others. Rather than using it as a means of communication, they misuse this power for leaking information or hacking into other’s personal data and that amounts to fraud or thievery. These spiteful actions are a type of felony and like any other fraud; they are unacceptable to the society.

Here are some of the reasons people refer to the internet as a curse:
Misleading information
Since people can now easily create a website or social media accounts, they can post news that can generate thousands of likes and followers, fueling a specific agenda 24X7. People use fan pages to promote a distorted and deceptive opinion so as to fit a particular story. These fan pages seek responses that contradict the general thinking and, as a result, the people posting their views are put through hell or “trolled” for their opinion.

The age of the internet has spawned the birth of interesting ideas that people can share and make a living out of it. Many people surf different websites to find innovative solutions on thriving in this digital way of life. There is an explosion of video and written contents all over the internet that propagate new ways to make big in the industry. There are some people who easily fall prey to the new ideas that catch their imagination so powerfully that they get sidetracked from the overall view and lose the thread rather than focusing on the goal. They can become obsessed with looking for ideas that they forget to work on it and create something with their newfangled knowledge.

Unethical lawyers
The internet has given a platform to self-styled “experts” and “leaders” who persuade people through their charismatic talks and posts and create a huge fan following. They make money by selling products or services that are nothing but shams. It’s better to stay away from people who overemphasize that fact buying their services will make you rich quickly. Besides business and personal development, people can overindulge by spending long hours on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Tinder, etc. every day. No doubt these platforms help people to connect with each other having multiple social media account keeps people constantly busy with jumping from one site to another, indulging in more information and posts, which can result in information overkill.

How to keep this blessing from turning into a curse?
The best solution will be to spend a few hours every day disconnected from the digital world for the benefit of your health. Try to reduce the time that you spend on your electronic devices and rather enjoy an activity that doesn’t require the internet. By taking some time off from the internet, you will get a chance to understand all that you have consumed and to make some sense out of it. You can figure out what’s good for you and worth trying so that you can implement these ideas based on your understanding and feasibility. Another thing that you can try is to stave yourself off the internet completely. This means no social networking, no blogging, and no reading or posting media feeds. This will ease off the pressure that the news explosion puts on your mind and you will be able to stop invisible elements from draining and influencing you emotionally.As with every technology, there is no problem with the internet  Although it unlocks many opportunities, it has its share of negative sides as well. It depends on us to decide whether we make it into a blessing or a curse.