William Shakespeare| Macbeth

Best Literary Analysis on Macbeth | Essay Writing

William Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest dramatist that the world has ever seen. He was not just a playwright but was also a poet and an actor. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564 and he died in 1616. He is also the best-selling fiction author of all times as he has over...

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Natural disaster

In what ways natural disasters impinge on investor sentiments

Natural disasters can have a huge negative impact on government finances and economic growth in affected countries and according to the IMF is the second-leading cause of realization of contingent liabilities for emerging market economies, after banking crises. Natural disasters can affect a country’s debt repayment capacity by affecting the economic resilience, fiscal strength...

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Crime Investigation | Australia

The role of mass media in crime investigation | Australia

Introduction The interaction of media and the criminal justice system in Australia has had a great impact on the perception of the community about justice. Selective coverage of criminal trials and agenda setting are all methods that produce a very important role. The reliance of public on media for information as well as for...

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Capital Punishment

Capital punishment: Pros and cons When and why it can be justified

IntroductionThe religious communities of the world are divided because of death penalty. Despite a continuous commitment to non-violence in both Hinduism and Buddhism, scholars as part of the tradition continue to debate the acceptability of death sentence. The Old Testament allows people to take “eye for an eye.” While the New Testament exhorts people...

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An Introduction to Alliterations

Alliteration is also known as initial rhyme or head rhyme. This is a simple literary device that consists of the repetition of the initial consonants sounds which are identical. These similar initial sounds of the consonants are also present in a successive or some other syllable which might be closely associated with the presented...

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How to do prepare yourself  for the IELTS exam

Appearing for IELTS exam? That’s a brilliant decision! Hopefully, you have an effective plan chalked out for IELTS preparation. Preparing for IELTS in the right manner can save your time and efforts and ensure that you score the highest grades. Well, if you need clear guidance and IELTS preparation tips, this blog is exactly...

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Non verbal communication

Types of Nonverbal Communication | Social Psychology

Psychology can simply be defined as the scientific study of our behavior and mind. This field of study has the potential to help millions of individuals by letting those individuals have a better understanding of their own mind and behavioral tendencies. There are also many specific branches of this particular field. And some of...

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