Position Paper

Guide for writing a Position Paper

The main motive of a position paper is to induce assistance to an issue. It defines a position on a matter and the logic for that position. The position paper is built on pieces of evidence that provide a rock-solid base for your line of reasoning. Some people mix-up a position paper for being...

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6 Tips to Score the Best Grade in an Economics Assignment

Economics can be well-defined as the study of the scarcity of resources. It is the study of the way people employ these resources and respond to incentives or the study of decision-making. It generally involves domains like wealth and finance; however, it’s simply not only about money. The study of an individual’s decisions is...

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Cigarette should be ban

Cigarettes Should be Illegal – Argumentative Essay

One of the biggest and most challenging health concerns in our society is smoking. Smoking is not a new activity. This practice has been around for ages in different forms. Smoking is presently the foremost cause of death in the world, due to its damaging and addicting substances, such as nicotine and tobacco. Even...

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How to Write an Essay on Women’s Right

The subject of women’s rights is one of the most related ones in the current civilization. Although the feminist movement has been active for years, only now it can be said that the playing field has become relatively smooth. However, the fight is still not over, and women rights essays can play an important...

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Credit risk

The relation of credit risk rating with financial ratios in Australia

A credit rating is an assessment of a borrower’s credit worthiness or their ability to repay a debt or their likelihood of defaulting.  Self-regulating organizations called credit rating agencies to evaluate borrowers to determine their credit rating. A credit rating may furnish an investor with one indicator as to the relative risk of investing in...

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Privatization of BAnk

Impact of privatization on non-performing loans of banks in Australia

Privatization has been seen as sales of government assets. It has also been interpreted to capture the transfer from the public sector to the private sector assets in terms of ownership, management, finance or control. Privatization is regarded as a mechanism to increase the values of non-performing loans of banks. Non-performing loan defined as...

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Australian financial market , Lehman tragedy, Reforms, effects of Lehman tragedy,Facts & Figures of the Lehman Crisis

Australian financial market | Lehman tragedy

The Lehman Crisis A decade ago, in the year 2008 on the 15th of September Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. This bankruptcy was considered as the biggest ever in the history of finance since the company had assets that were worth USD 639 billion and debt of value USD 619 billion. The asset value...

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cartels and black market businesses

Studying the power of cartels and black market businesses

A cartel is an agreement among organisation or producers or business firms to wield control over the market by manipulating the price of the product or setting production targets. The key objective of cartels is the maximization of profit, or to evade losses amongst the members. Members of a cartel mostly decide to circumvent...

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