Natural disaster

In what ways natural disasters impinge on investor sentiments

Natural disasters can have a huge negative impact on government finances and economic growth in affected countries and according to the IMF is the second-leading cause of realization of contingent liabilities for emerging market economies, after banking crises. Natural disasters can affect a country’s debt repayment capacity by affecting the economic resilience, fiscal strength...

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Forest management

Impact of forest management in emerging economies

Forest management provide a wide range of economic and social benefits to humankind. These include contributions to the overall economy – for example through employment, processing and trade of forest products and energy – and investments in the forest sector. They also include the hosting and protection of sites and landscapes of high cultural,...

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Organizational | SourceEssay

How does multiculturalism influence an organization’s economic outlook

Multiculturalism is the coexistence of diverse cultural and racial groups with an attitude of tolerance and togetherness. Multiculturalism refers to the concept in which diverse cultural or racial groups in society have equal rights and opportunities and none is side-lined or treated as irrelevant. Multiculturalism gives equal attention and representation to the cultural needs...

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Eco - Friendly

The effect of Eco-Label proliferation and consumer confusion

In the past few decades, keen interests to alleviate the damaging effects of business activities on the environment have given rise to the need to evaluate the environmental influence of business products, starting from production to consumption. Companies have added Eco-labels to products to gain a competitive advantage and enlighten the consumers about the...

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Crime Investigation | Australia

The role of mass media in crime investigation | Australia

Introduction The interaction of media and the criminal justice system in Australia has had a great impact on the perception of the community about justice. Selective coverage of criminal trials and agenda setting are all methods that produce a very important role. The reliance of public on media for information as well as for...

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Bystander Effect in Psychology

What Use does the Bystander Effect have in Social Psychology?

Psychology is often defined as the scientific study of the behavior and the mind. In this field of study, there are a number of different concepts which are included. And some of those different concepts are consciousness, unconscious, precociousness, feelings, thoughts, emotions, reflexes, and many other concepts.There are also a number of different branches...

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Eight Theories of Leadership | Academic Writing

Leadership can simply be defined as the ability of an organization or an individual to lead other individuals, teams, or even organizations. Leadership is also not just a practical skill but it is also a rather important research area. There are various thinkers and scientists from all across the globe who have researched about...

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