Australian financial market , Lehman tragedy, Reforms, effects of Lehman tragedy,Facts & Figures of the Lehman Crisis

Australian financial market | Lehman tragedy

The Lehman Crisis A decade ago, in the year 2008 on the 15th of September Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. This bankruptcy was considered as the biggest ever in the history of finance since the company had assets that were worth USD 639 billion and debt of value USD 619 billion. The asset value...

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cartels and black market businesses

Studying the power of cartels and black market businesses

A cartel is an agreement among organisation or producers or business firms to wield control over the market by manipulating the price of the product or setting production targets. The key objective of cartels is the maximization of profit, or to evade losses amongst the members. Members of a cartel mostly decide to circumvent...

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Organic food in Australia

Analysis of the organic food Industry in Australia

Introduction For more than two decades organic food has gained elevating attraction from most of the market decision makers, government bodies and other industrial bodies as it provides several advantages (Yamjala, Nainar & Ramisetti, 2016). On the basis of marketing organic industry provides the demand for organic food all over the world and this...

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Recession in UK


Introduction Financial collapse has occurred almost in every economy all around the globe and does not mark as something extraordinary in nature but what struck the governments is the way to overcome the situation eventually over a long period of time. This paper aims to discuss such a financial collapse that happened in the...

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Stock market

Relationships of Stock market returns and rate of inflation

Inflation takes place either when prices go up or when it takes more money to buy the same items. Inflation rate reflected by consumer price index (CPI) signifies an overall upward price movement of goods and services. The rates of inflation influence the stock market volatility and risk. Inflation rate is further separated into...

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Al & Blockchain

The Frontiers of Innovation: AI & Blockchain

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI), basically means the theory and practice of building machines capable of carrying out tasks that seem to involve intelligence.  It is a technology that permits a system’s ability to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals and tasks...

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Asch Conformity Experiment

An Introduction to the Asch Conformity Experiment | Behavior Psychology

Behaviorism is also known as behavioral psychology. This field takes up a systematic approach to understand the behavior of all animals and humans. This field further revolves around the basic idea that all behavior is learned. There are a number of different types of learning like classical conditioning, operant conditioning, learning through consequences, and...

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Economic aspects

Economic Aspects of Cultural Heritage | Australia

Australia is an island continent located in the southern hemisphere between Antarctica and Asia. In the West, the continent is bordered by the Indian Ocean; to the north, the Timor, Arafura, and Coral Seas; the Pacific Ocean is in the eastern part and the Tasman Sea and the Southern Ocean to the southern. Most...

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